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Nestled in the Vidima valley, 25 km southeast of Troyan and 60 km of Lovech, 210 km northeast of Sofia and 57 km west of Gabrovo, the town of Apriltsi covers a wide area with the suburbs of Vidima and Ostrets spreading many kilometers into the side valleys. Bordering the Central Balkan National Park with its majestic waterfalls and the highest peaks of the Balkan Range, Apriltsi flourishes as an attractive mountain resort with numerous recreational facilities, private hotels, and opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing. If you need to hire a car in Apriltsi, motoroads.com is exactly the place to get your complete car hire package - competitive car hire rates, instant online booking and preferential rental conditions altogether in one place. Just proceed to our online Aprilci Car Hire Search below, select the car of your choice for an instant car hire quote, and easily book you car rental in Apriltsi.