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Lying in a bowl beneath the hills of the Balkan Range just east of the Serbian border, Belogradchik is located off the main E79 road between Montana and Vidin, 182 km northwest of Sofia. Belogradchik gives its name to Bulgaria′s most spectacular rock formations, the Belogradchishkite skali - towering rocks, forming a natural fortress whose defense potential has been exploited since ancient times by Romans, Bulgars and Turks. The spectacular rocks of Belogradchik, covering an area of 90 square kilometers and rising to heights of 200 m in shades of buff, scarlet and grey, with shapes of animals, people, ships or houses and enormous extravagantly weathered pillars, obelisks and stalagmites, are one of the natural wonders of Bulgaria. If you want to be a part of the thousands tourists visiting Belogradchik every year and need to hire a car in town to visit the much-publicized Magura cave, best-known for its ancient rock paintings, Motoroads not only offers long and short term car rentals in Belogradchik at affordable prices, but a quick and secure online car hire reservation system which will enable you to make your car hire booking in just a few clicks. Simply proceed to our online Belogradchik Car Hire Search below for an instant car hire quotation and confirmation.