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Borovets is the biggest and oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, situated on the northern slopes of Rila mountains, at the foot of the highest peak on the Balkans - Mt Musala, 73 km south of the capital Sofia. With its strategic location - only 60 km southeast from Sofia Airport and 121 km from Plovdiv Airport, superb network of ski runs of various difficulty, luxury hotels and bustling nightlife, Borovets continues to be the largest ski center and the most modern winter resort in Bulgaria. The compact resort will cater for all your amenities and transportation needs. However, most of the car hire players put high prices on the car rental market during the peak season. If you want to stay safe with your Borovets car hire, at Motoroads, we offer not only some of the most competitive car hire rates but an easy and secure online booking and 24/7 support. From Borovets to Sofia Airport it is a 1.5 hour drive via road 82 from Samokov. To Plovdiv Airport it is a 2 hours and 10 minutes drive by rental car along E85 to Kostenets and after a right turn on road 8 to Plovdiv, you will continue southwards on road 86 to Plovdiv airport. Must-see travel destinations around Borovets are the world-famous 10th-century Rila Monastery, the mountain resort of Govedartsi - a starting point to the magnificent seven Rila Lakes, and Bulgaria′s most ferocious mineral baths at Separeva Banya. As the most established mountain resort in Bulgaria, Borovets has a lot to offer all the year round when it comes to skiing, hiking, sightseeing and entertainment.