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Sunny Beach is the largest seaside resort on the Bulgarian Riviera located 35 km north of Bourgas and just 3 km northwest of Nessebar. It is lying along eight-km strip of what is regarded as the best beach along the Black Sea coast and practically occupies the entire territory stretching from St Vlas to the north and the town of Nessebar to the south. As the most popular summer holiday resort in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is home to hundreds of modern hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as number of car hire offices. However, most of the well-known car hire players on the market are exposing high prices during the season. At Motoroads, we offer you full car rental services at some of the most competitive car hire rates and preferential rental conditions, saving time and money by instantly booking a car online in Sunny Beach. To reach Bourgas airport by rental car (26 km southbound), take road 9/E87 passing by Ravda and Pomorie. To explore Varna by rental car from Sunny Beach, head north along E87, passing by Elenite holiday village and Obzor. Besides sunbathing and swimming, Sunny Beach offers many water and land-based activities, any kind of sport imaginable, and a wide range of nightlife.