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Koprivshtitsa is one of Bulgaria′s most historic towns, renowned for its folkloric and revolutionary traditions and the site of some of Bulgaria′s finest 19th-century architecture, located in the heart of Sredna Gora mountain, 110 km east of Sofia and 80 km northwest of Plovdiv. The small picturesque Koprivshtitsa lies along either side of the Topolitsa river with old stone bridges and the blue, red and ochre-painted stucco enhances the beauty of the half-timbered stone houses. Koprivshtitsa occupies an important place in Bulgarian history as the starting point of the ill-fated April Uprising of 1876 and there is hardly a part of town that is not named after this crucial episode in Bulgaria′s history. For tourists Koprivshtitsa with its peerless National revival architecture, excellent museums, pastoral beauty, and a huge Bulgarian folk music festival is a must-see. So if you are a part of the constant descent of visitors to Koprivshtitsa, drawn by its superb vernacular architecture and need to hire a car while in town, motoroads.com is just the right place to do that. Exploring the whole Sredna Gora region, inhabited as early as the 5th millennium BC and its interesting towns, without a car can be a challenge, so this is another reason to hire a car in Koprivshtitsa. At motoroads.com we make hiring a car in Koprivshtitsa really easy - you can review online vehicle types and availability for your preferred car hire type, make online car hire reservations, and receive virtually instantaneous booking confirmation with just a few clicks of the mouse.