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Lying just off the main road and train routes, the town of Lovech sits on one of the important trans-Balkan routes linking Pleven, on the margins of the Danubian plain, with the Valley of Roses to the south, 150 km northeast of Sofia and 86 km west of Veliko Tarnovo. Lovetch lies at an hour drive with a rental car southbound of Pleven, situated between the rolling foothills of the Balkan Range. The city divides precisely into two sections -  the bustling modern center contrasting sharply with the grey stone roofs of the 19th-century Varosh - the old town, now an architectural preservation area. If you hire a car in Lovetch, you will be able not only to explore the numerous interesting attractions in town, but also easily access south Bulgaria through three big mountain passes - Shipka, Troyan and The Pass of the Republic. Motoroads.com is the right place to get your low cost car hire for Lovech. Our largest comprehensive online car hire booking system in Bulgaria allows for instantaneous vehicle availability, quotation and booking confirmation at the touch of a mouse.