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Lying midway between Varna and Veliko Tarnovo at the base of a low spur of the Balkan Range, about halfway between the Black Sea coast and the Danube river, 381 km northeast of Sofia and 115 km southeast of Rousse, Shumen is the obvious base from which to explore the historical sites at Madara, the first Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Veliki Preslav, and even Kotel by a hire car. The city of Shoumen itself has a rich historical heritage and every part of its vicinity seems to tell it. The landmarks of the town are several ancient monuments, interesting churches and memorial houses, and the Tombul mosque, arguably Bulgaria′s most beautiful mosque and the second largest working one on the Balkan peninsula, not at least the spectacular medieval fortress, originally dated from the early Iron Age and later guarded the road to Veliki Preslav. The most convenient way to visit the Bulgarian Troy - the unique Madara Horsemen, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list and dating back to the third century BC, is by a hire car and takes about 15 minutes. The ruins at Pliska and Preslav, the latter featuring cyclopean walls, enveloping the grandiose medieval city, are easily accessed from Shoumen by hire car. Enjoy your stay in Shumen by pre-booking your car hire via our advanced car hire reservation system. It is simple-to-use, providing an instant car hire quotation and confirmation.