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Sopot is situated at the foot of the steep southern slopes of Central Balkan Range in the west part of the Valley of Roses, 136 km east of Sofia, 5 km west of Karlovo, and 61 km south of Troyan. Sopot occupies honoured place in Bulgarian history as the birthplace of Bulgarian famous writer Ivan Vazov. Sopot′s other main attraction is the pine forest crisscrossed by walking paths north of town up the lower slopes of the Balkan Range and the fact that it is one of the best sites in Bulgaria for free cross-country flying, hang gliding, paragliding, thermalling, and acro flying and training. At motoroads.com, we aim offer unbeatable car hire prices in Sopot as well as giving you the facility to book your car in Sopot online in three easy steps. We provide an efficient online and offline car hire service which combined with our expertise and knowledge will surely make your car rental experience in Sopot a pleasurable one.