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The village of Trigrad with its spectacular gorge and caves is the star attraction of the southwestern Rhodopes mountain, near the border with Greece, 26 km south of Devin, 40 km west of Smolyan, and 150 km from Sofia. The Trigrad Gorge is one of the breathtaking natural phenomena in Bulgaria, its vertical walls overhanging the foaming Trigradska river, which forms a huge waterfall before vanishing into the impressive Devil′s Throat cave, accessible via a 150-meter-long tunnel and as big as two cathedrals. The karst area surrounding the sprawling village of Trigrad abounds in caves - more than 150, the most famous of which after the Devil′s Throat are the Yagodinska cave, the largest cave-system in Bulgaria 8 km away and the Haramiiska cave for the real adventurers. Trigrad boasts one of the best-kept staples, breeding pools for fishermen, and various well signed tourist itineraries in the mountains, so there is a great choice of activities for the tourists such as caving, rock climbing, horseback riding, trekking and mountain biking. Exploring the area without a car though can be a challenge, so we greatly recommend hiring a car in Trigrad. Motoroads.com is the ultimate stop for all your car hire needs in Trigrad. And our secure online car hire reservation system makes it really easy to book a car in Trigrad. Just try the Online Car Hire Search in Trigrad quickly finding the car hire model that best meets your transportation needs and proceed to our instant quote calculator and fast booking.