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Standing at the base of a wall of mountains known as Vrachanska mountain of the western Balkan Range, Vratsa is 116 km northeast of Sofia and 38 km southeast of Montana. One of the most picturesque towns in Bulgaria, Vratsa will charm every visitor with its beautiful rocky hinterland, starting with the vertical Vratsata gorge which ascends into the mountains just west of the town center, with the 13-metres high stone clock tower from the 17th century, and interesting museums. Situated in one of the richest in karsts formations regions in Bulgaria, Vratsa is also a starting point to numerous caves, including the impressive Ledenika cave, 16 km southwest of the town, to the beautiful Cherepishki and Sedemte Prestola monasteries, to many Alpine cliffs for alpinist and climbers. To get your best car hire deal in Vratsa, use our simple to operate and cost effective online reservation system. We not only offer secure online car hire bookings in Vratsa but aim to provide our clients with the most competitive prices and the best car hire service out there. The next step is to select the car of your choice, your pick up location in Vratsa, the dates and times you want to pick up and drop off your hire car, and to proceed to your secure car hire booking at the touch of the mouse.