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The capital of Bavaria - Munich, lies near the foot of the German Alps in the south part of the country. It is Germany's third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg and the second most popular tourist destination after the capital. Known today as the economic pole of high-tech industry and the head office of numerous big companies, Munich offers a perfect blend of cosmopolitan city life from its traditional beer halls and the world-famous Oktoberfest, thought its world-class museums and the richest cultural, gastronomic and modern shopping life in southern Germany to its fascinating heritage. Munich's walkable lively center is home to richly decorated baroque and rococo churches and palaces, grand neoclassical monuments and buildings from the time of Ludwig I, some world-class sights, especially the art galleries and museums, crowded street cafes and beer gardens - this is the place where the streets are paved for people, not cars. The Bavarian metropolis represents everything "typically German" along with the fact that it is the major international center of business, engineering, world-class technological developments and research and Germany's most prosperous city. Where else than in Munich it is more appropriate to rent a BMW motorcycle. Whether you plan to stay in the cosmopolitan city of Munich or use it as your jumping point for a European motorcycle tour, check Motoroads selection of BMW motorbikes for hire. Explore Bavaria and continental Europe on a hire BMW motorcycle from Munich - the land of picturesque castles, majestic mountains to the south and rolling hills to the north.